KVCTC: PO Box 6218 Kangaroo Valley NSW 2577

Winderong Farm is an experimental project encompassing regenerative agriculture, bush regeneration, permaculture, sustainability and community living. Our farm is set on 810 acres of stunning wilderness and farmland. Our community consists of a group of 10 to 15 volunteers and paid workers, along with a host of beautiful and much-loved farm animals and wildlife. We aim to embody the permaculture principle of “we are nature working” and develop a deep understanding and respect for the land we steward, all the time aiming to regenerate the earth and learn from her and each other.

Upcoming Events

Winderong Farm is excited to be hosting a Gangagruwan (Kangaroo Valley) Corroboree and Dance Workshop with Gadhungal Marring on November 4, 2023. Join us for a celebration of Country, culture and community!




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Kangaroo Valley Markets

The Kangaroo Valley markets are held on the 2nd Saturday of every month. You’ll find the Winderong Farm stall down there, rain, hail or shine. We always have a bunch of goodies for sale, generally with produce from the farm, including our meat, ferments, teas, herbs, shrubs, balms, seedlings and more … Come and say hello! Located at the back of the Friendly Inn Hotel.

About Regenerative Agriculture

Our paddocks are managed organically through no-till and holistic grazing techniques. By rotating our cattle regularly and intensively onto fresh pasture, we are working to sustainably regenerate soil and soil life. In the process, we are adding more crop diversity to our pastures naturally. Not only does this increase the health of our animals, it also works to sequester carbon in our ever-increasing topsoil… so it’s good for you and the planet!